What is the Hebrew word for Autumn?

The Hebrew word for Autumn is Stav סתיו.

The Letters סתיו Stav remind us the letters שתו Shin-Tav-Vav which is the imperative plural form of the verb to drink, in Hebrew לשתות. And as we know in the autumn we meat the first rain of the year.

But the letters שת Shin and Tav are also implying to the name Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, that from him humanity started developing (because his brother Abel was killed by his brother Cain, and Cain died in the flood) so humanity got a second chance in Seth.

Moreover, in Hebrew, we write Seth like this שת with the letters Shin and Tav which are also the two letters that appear in the first word in the bible, בראשית.

The word Bereshit בראשית we can divide into two words: Bara – Shit (ברא שית) which means to take out or to actualize the six (in Hebrew [Shit] = שית) or the foundations.


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