What Is The Hebrew Word For Rainbow?

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Rainbow, arch – Keshet

After the great flood, God establishes a covenant with Noah promises him he shall never bring another flood again that will destroy the lives of humans, animals, cattle, and birds.

The sign of the covenant will a rainbow that will come with a cloud, and whenever God will see the rainbow, he shall remember the everlasting covenant between him and every living soul, and let them live.

The interesting thing is the Gematria of the word Keshet which is written in Hebrew in the letters Kof, Shin, Tav. Those letters create the sum of 800, for Kof equals 100, Shin equals 300, and Tav equals 400, so the word Keshet in Hebrew, has the value of 800.

As we showed before (In the Gematria table) the Aleph equals 1 or 1000, while the gematria of the word Keshet is 800. So when God says “I gave you my rainbow in the cloud,” he says: ” I give you 4 fingers out of 5″ which is the same relation of 800 (Keshet) to the number 1000 which also stands for the letter Aleph which stands for the one, So what God actually says is that the rainbow that you see, is not me, only part of me, for the thumb (the fifth finger which is a symbolizes the root of things) it still hidden.

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