A Hyssop Bundle As A Symbol Of Unity

Hyssop – Ezov

A day before the tenth plague, the Hebrews in Egypt were asked by Moses to distinguish themselves from the Egyptians. But before we continue with the story, we have to remember, that the Hebrews and Egyptians are qualities in us.

The aspect o the Egyptian in us wants more and more knowledge, houses, stores, children, more of everything, while the aspect of the Hebrew in us, wants the One. So, in this case, we have two opposite perspectives about life.

The struggle of the one against the many will reach a turmoil point at the night of the tenth plague when few hours before midnight the Hebrews will mark the entrance to their houses by the blood of a slaughtered lamb, in order that when the Lord comes to take the lives of the firstborn, he will distinguish the Egyptians from the Hebrews

The Hebrews were asked to take a lamb, and lamb in Hebrew Is Taleh טלה Tet, Lamed, Heh 9-30-5 which give the sum of 44, 44 is also the gematria of the Hebrew word for blood, which is דם (dam) and written in the letters Dalet, Mem 4-40.

So when the Hebrews were asked to take a lamb and slaughter it, it means they have to slaughter the bloody -animal element inside of them, because like we explained before the term Human in Hebrew is Adam אדם, which written in the letters Aleph, Dalet, Mem 1-4-40, and the term blood in Hebrew is דם (dam) which written in the letters Dalet, Mem 4-40, and Adam the human aspect in us, differs from the bloody element in us only by single thing, which is relating to the one, relating to the root of things, relating to the source, using the letter Aleph.

After slaughtering the lamb, meaning the bloody animal aspect of human lives, the Hebrews were asked to take a bundle of Hyssop in Hebrew אגודת אזוב (Agudat Ezov) and to dip it in the blood of the lamb which is spilled over the entry and mark with it the door post. While at midnight when the Lord comes to take the lives of the firstborn Egyptians, he will see the Hebrews doorposts marked and spare their firstborn children’s lives.

Why the Hebrews were asked to take a bundle of hyssop, what does it mean? The word Agudah, a bundle in Eglish, is written in Hebrew with the letters Aleph, Gimmel, Dalet, Heh 1-3-4-5. By taking this bundle and dip in the blood of the lamb we bring everything to its source because the word Bundle in Hebrew is written in an Alphabetical order 1-3-4-5, it is written from the one, the Aleph, to the Heh, to the many, From one finger to the whole hand, and by dipping the bundle in the blood which is the symbol of multiplicity, with the root of the bundle which is one, we return everything to its source.


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