What Is The Hebrew Word For Window?

Good afternoon And Shalom,

This Sunday we moved to a winter clock, which is characterized by more dark hours than the summer. Unlike the summer, with the long days which gives us a feeling that we can do whatever we like, cause there is almost no limitation, comes the winter and shows an opposite direction, few hours of light chilled temperature, more time at home, more candles, more reading, more dreaming.

While the sun symbolizes the summer, the ultimate light, the reason, the logic, the recognition, the rational, the moon symbolizes the opposite: the winter, the darkness, the subconscious, the shadows, the dreams.

In order to dream at night, or experience a daydream, we need to loosen up our mind a little, which means to release our frontal brain from its concrete stiff perspective, the sun, and the rest will come, the moon with its fellow brothers, the stars, in a carriage of dreams.

What is the Hebrew word for a dream, what is the Hebrew word for a window, and how are those two words are connected, it the next post.

The Hebrew word for a window is חלון Cha’-lon, very close to the Hebrew word for a dream, which is חלום Cha-lom.

In the same way, that we can open a window and experience in instant a different reality from what we experience indoors, likewise, in a dream we can see in a glance, a different parallel reality. The reality that the human soul can see without the limitations of the mental walls.

So sweet dreams wherever you are and all the best 🙂

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