Qualitative Numbers As An Aspect Of Communication

Language – Lashon (Tongue)

Those among us who seek for a proof that the inner ark within us is a word, or a concept, idea, or a theme, here it is.

The Bible gives us the dimensions of the ark.
300 Amma (measuring unit) length
50 Amma (measuring unit) width
30 Amma (measuring unit) depth

As we know the bible does not speak about quantitative numbers, but about qualitative numbers, in this manner, each letter of the Hebrew Alpha Beit has a qualitative value. Aleph, the first letter, has a value of 1, and reflects unity and so on.

Now, when we look, in this light in this understanding, at the measures of the Tei-va, (the ark), and we transform the measures, the qualitative numbers, into letters, we receive the followings:

300 = ש = Shin
50 = ( נ (ן = Nun
30 = ל = Lamed

And now, when we combine all of these letters together, we receive the word לשן meaning, language, meaning the ability to speak and converse inside, because the tongue (לשון) is an inner organ.

The attached picture is A mosaic Of Noah in Basilica di San Marco, Venice


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