An Apple In Honey As A Metaphor Of Human Behavior

Apple In Honey – Tapu-ach Bidvash

When celebrating the new year we eat an apple dipped in honey. Apple symbolizes the tree of life, and the honey symbolizes the good deeds, which are sweet. why honey was chosen to symbolize sweet, we know that in nature there are all kinds of sweet sources?

And the answer is that honey was chosen to represent sweetness because the way it is manufactured. The bees that make to honey, do not use the honey for themselves, they are not enjoying it, humans are enjoying it (and bears ) that is to say that good deeds are considered the ones that help and assist the other, the stranger, the immigrant and everybody outside of us.

And this is actually the inner meaning of life, to give and support the other. This is what the divinity does for us, and from divinity, we learn.

Shana Tova – A Good Year


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