The Angels As An Expression Of The Soul

Sometimes we wonder why do we behave in a certain way or in another.

But when we learn about the different aspects of the human soul that expresses itself through the power of the angles (the revealed aspects of the soul), we have no wonder anymore…

The first angel that goes in front of us (and sometimes informs us in a split of a second, what gonna happen, or prepare us for the next stage of our lives is Uriel which literally means the light of God which is illuminating inside of us.

The second angle which is going on our right side and advice us to go with the spirit of things and to expand is Michael – literally “the one who is like god.”

The third angle which is going on our left side and advise us to keep a distance, to watch out, or to be alert, to measure things and to weight them, to consider many options and to overcome unpleasant moments is Gavriel, the angel of overcoming.

And the fourth angel who is escorting us in the back, and makes sure that nothing wrong will happen, and cures us and heals us, and makes sure that our speech will be able to reflect, to heal and to create is Rafael – literally the healing power of God.

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