Thirty Two Lanes Of Wisdom



When we want to grant the word heart/Lev/לב a numeral value, it will be the following way. Since in Hebrew we write from right to left, the first letter that we look into will be the letter Lamed/ל. According to the table that we saw yesterday, Lamed/ל equals 30Now the second letter that we look into will be the letter Bet/ב. This letter has the numeral value of 2, So the word heart/lev/לב has a value of 32.


In Sefer Yetzirah/ספר יצירה/The Book Of Creation, it says that the creator created his world in “Lamed Bet Netivot Chochmah”, as we know the letters “Lamed Bet/לב” equals 32. So the creator created his world via 32 lanes of wisdom.

But what does the book mean by saying that there are 32 lanes of wisdom, where are they, and why are there only 32 lanes of wisdom, no more or no less? To answer those questions we shall look at the first chapter of Genesis.


The first chapter of Genesis

When we look at the first chapter of Genesis we see that the word Elohim/אלהים, God, is mentioned 32 times, does this number seems familiar to us? It seems so, Sefer

1 —————> 32 ?


To answer this question lets look at the letter Aleph א

One possible way to write the letter א is writing it by using the letter Vav. When we write the letter Vav (6) diagonally, and two letters Yod (10) attached to it, one letter Yod is written up and right to the letter Vav, and another letter Yod is written down and left to the letter Vav. The Numeral value of the letter Aleph א written in this way is 26, for 6 + 10 +10 = 26.

Another possible way to write the letter Aleph א is with two letters Vav written diagonally and two letters Yod. One Yod will be written above and right of the first letter Vav and the second Yod will be written down and left to the second Vav. In this way of writing the letter, Aleph will have the value of 32, for two Vav letters give us the value of 12, and two Yod letters give us the value of 20, so together they make 32.

                                               Like in the following drawing:    

In the letter Aleph א we can see the value of 32, but also the word heart/lev/לב has a value of 32. What does equation want to tell us?

The first evidence to the number 32 in the Human image is the structure of the teeth. Every human adult has 32 teeth in his mouth, 16 teeth in the upper palate, and 16 in the lower palate. Like in the drawing of the second Aleph for each Vav (6) and Yod (10) creates 16.

The 32 teeth which each and every one of us has in his mouth are the 32 lanes of wisdom. For the way we bite, chew and process the food we eat, its the way we bite to chew and process life. Each tooth is a way, and the way we approach the physical food, we approach the spiritual life.


So to summarize our conversation today. We have started with the word heart/Lev/לב which has the Gematria of 32, we moved to Sefer Yetzirah/The Book Of Creation, by quoting from it that the creator created his world in Lamed Bet Netivot Chochmah/or 32 lanes of wisdom. And since we wanted to show where does Sefer Yetzira come to this conclusion, we dived into the first chapter of Genesis, showing that the word God/Elohim/ אלהים is mentioned there 32 times.

Then, we asked, how can one source develop into 32 lanes, which we answered by using the structure of the letter Aleph, and also we gave an example to it, using the human image. We showed that human adult has 32 teeth in his mouth, a structure that in a way reflects the 32 lanes of wisdom that were mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis.

So just by looking into the image of human teeth, we can see the love of infinity to us, for the creator burned into our human code(image) his heart/lev/לב, the 32 lanes of wisdom.


Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment or the ask questions

All the best 🙂

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