The Human Hand As A Mirror of Creation Of The Worlds

When we look at the human hand, we see five fingers which appear in the relation of 1:4. The independent thumb has the quality of 1, while the rest have the quality of four.

This relation of 1:4 is the theme of which the world was created. In Hebrew, we say Yad/יד to describe the hand.

The gematria of the word Yad/יד/hand is 14, For the letter, Yod has a value of 10, and the letter Dalet has a value of 4.

In the number 14, we see the relation of 1:4, but also in the structure of the human hand, we see the relation 1:4.

The one is reflected by the thumb which comes solely in one side of the palm, whereas the four fingers share the other side of the palm (like we see in the following drawing).

The relation 1:4 has a deep print in the creation, In Genesis 2:10 we meet the 1:4 relation: “וְנָהָרּ יֹצֵא מֵעֵדֶן לְהַשְׁקוֹת אֶת הַגָּן וּמִשָּׁם יִפָּרֵד וְהָיָה לְאַרְבָּעָה רָאשִׁים”. And a river goes out of Eden, to water the garden, and it splits to four heads.


Another example of the relation between 1:4 we see in the trees which are planted in the Garden Of Eden. The tree of life, and the tree of knowledge good and bad. The tree of life is/Etz Ha’chaim /עץ החיים, while the tree of knowledge good and bad, is Etz Ha’da’at Tov Ve’rah/עץ הדעת טוב ורע.

The gematria of the tree of life /Etz Ha’chaim/עץ החיים is 70-90 5-8-10-10-40 = which is 233, while the gematria of the tree of knowledge good and bad/עץ הדעת טוב ורע is 70-90  5-4-70-400  9-6-2  6-200-70 = which is 932.

When we divide 932: 4 =  we come up with results of 233. So in simple calculation, we see that the value of the term “tree of knowledge good and bad” is four times than the term “tree of life”. When tree of life is considered to be the unity as expressed of the number 1, and the tree of knowledge expresses the multiplicity in the number 4.


Kiryat Arbah is Hebron, By Nurit Tzarffati

Another expression of the relation of 1:4 we find in the name “Kiryat Arbah” קרית ארבע, which means in a simple translation to English: “The Village Of Four”. In Kiryat Arbah which is more known today as Hebron, are buried four couples which are: A) Adam and Eve, B) Abraham and Sarah, C) Isaac And Rebecca, D) Jakob and Leah. So here we see again the relation between 1:4 One cave (which is named Machpelah) and four couples which are buried in it.

The village of four “Kiryat Arbah” קרית ארבע is mentioned In Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag’s book, “The Bright Light” אור הבהיר as referring to the spiritual root that develops into the four letters of the name יהוה. In other words “The village” is the source (1) and Arbah is the four (4) letters of the name.


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