What Is The Greater Light In Us?

Genesis chapter one tells us about the greater light and the lesser light. The greater light was made to govern the day, and the lesser light was made to govern the night.

Since the bible does not use the terms the sun and the moon, we can conclude that the Bible speaks in metaphors. Now the question is: what are the greater light and the lesser light inside of us? For the Bible does not speak about an external reality but about the inner images of the human soul.

The great light in us shines when we recognize things: like if we were walking in daylight and point at a bird, at a flower or a tree. In our mind, everything is clear and bright; we can be rational and act accordingly.

On the other hand, the lesser light is an aspect which illuminates in us in situations when things are not clear. As a guest or an immigrant in a foreign land, he does not know the language; he does know where to get what; he is unsure and uncertain. In this case, he needs the “stars,” the little symbols and icons that illuminate his way. Like we often see in airports and malls, there is an “international language of symbols and signs,” like the icons of public toilets or when there is access for handicapped and so on.

So the next time when we feel clear and confident we shall know that the greater light is illuminating in us. And when things are not certain clear or foggy, this is when the lesser light is illuminating in us, and its often when we look for the “stars” the little symbols or hints of which to their light we can navigate.

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