Who Makes Heaven and Hell?

Once upon a time a man was walking silently in the green darken woods when suddenly he noticed two gates in front of him. Both looked the same and pleasant music was coming to his ears from them.

The man was curious and decided to go along each gate and experience the wonder. At first he approached the first gate where he saw beautiful fruit gardens and evergreen fields.

People were sitting around a great elegant table which looked like the king’s best celebration feast, dressed up nicely, wearing sparkling jewelry and holding in their hands great long-handled spoons:

While they were trying to eat, they couldn’t, because the spoons were too big and too clunky and didn’t match their hands at all.

The man looked into their faces which were covered with beautiful makeup and had been cut up and put up together by the best plastic surgeons and noticed their sad look and their hungry eyes. “This is hell”, thought the man to himself and went out from the first gate.

He inhaled deeply and walked by the other gate. While passing over the threshold he noticed evergreen forests and beautiful flowered gardens, the birds were singing and the butterflies fluttered with their colorful wings.

The atmosphere wrapped him in a scent of myrrh and cinnamon as he noticed a group of people sitting together around a hand made table singing and smiling to each other.

On the table there were few loaves of breads,  different vegetable salads, white cheese and wine. Here, again, the cutlery was very big and clunky. Each one of the members held in his hand a big spoon and fed with it his friend and everybody was smiling.

“Yes”, said the man to himself, “this is definitely heaven”.

So who do you think makes the difference between heaven and hell ?


img: Some rights reserved by designdept
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