Date’s Virtue

Date – Tamar

A little legend says that when Moses was asked to take Israel out of Egypt he wondered how could they exist in the desert without the water of the Nile. At the same moment, he asked himself this question, a palm tree and a spring of live water appeared in front of him. Moses drank the water of the spring, and ate the dates, and understood that in this way Israel could live in the desert.

Question: “What is the significance of this legend to our spiritual health?”

Answer: This legend teaches us few things: A) When we are being asked to do something significant, we are afraid to fail. B) but when we overcome the first fear, we come up with relevant questions. C) when we ask the real deepest questions, answers come from the universe. D) A person does not need much to exist, some fresh water and dates

All the best for our readers, and good luck on the journey 🙂

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