Spiritual Rain

Rain – Matar – מטר

Umbrella – Mit-ri-ya – מטריה

Elephant – Peel – פיל

Question: “Excuse me, What is the difference between גשם and מטר?”

Answer: Thank you for asking, at the bottom of my heart I was waiting for This question. Matar is the name of the long like bottle shape lines which water the earth, while Geshem גשם are the little drops of water, like little dots. Mater is a general water system, while Geshem גשם is privet.

In Deuteronomy 11:11 it says, “למטר השמים תשתה מים”
meaning from the rain of heaves you shall drink water, and it means that we are promised to drink the upper water (heavens) and in this way, we can be constantly inspired. While Geshem גשם is a composition of two words: Gash + sham, meaning “approach there”, meaning approach the physical.

Another answer: By asking questions we proceed, going out from darkness into the path of light, a question mark looks like a hook that wants to catch the future. In The Hagada (the story that we tell every year in Passover) there are four sons: One is wise, one is evil, one is innocent, and there is one who doesn’t know how to ask questions, and for this one we have to help, meaning to encourage him to ask questions, because this is the only way to make a progress.


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