Three Dimensional Thinking Which Reflected In Noah’s Sons Names

Three - Shelosha Three children - Shelosha Yeladim - שלושה ילדים Noah had three sons: Shem - שם, Cham... Read More

August 30, 2018


White And Red As Aspects Of Life

White - Lavan - לבן White - Lavan, is not just a color, but also a name of a person. In the biblical story Lavan... Read More

August 26, 2018


The Psychology Of Pharaoh: Decoding The Hebrew Roots

For some people the bible is nothing but a bewildering book of odd myths and legends that have not much relevance for modern... Read More

August 13, 2017


On The Nature of Biblical Egypt: “Mitzraim”

Whenever we read the bible there's an almost automatic response to take the stories and characters at face-value, i.e. in a... Read More

August 7, 2017


About “Adam”, The Hebrew Word For Human & The Dualistic ...

As with each and every name (and letter) of the Hebrew bible, the structure of the words themselves tell a story which is... Read More

August 3, 2017


The Meaning Of “Elohim” & “The Name”

In today's video we continue our discussion from this video about the Aleph, the Hebrew name(s) translated as "God" or "Lord... Read More

July 25, 2017