The Human Hand As A Mirror of Creation Of The Worlds

When we look at the human hand, we see five fingers which appear in the relation of 1:4. The independent thumb has the... Read More

October 25, 2018


Thirty Two Lanes Of Wisdom

 Heart/Lev/לב            A When we want to grant the word heart/Lev/לב a numeral value, it will be the... Read More

October 23, 2018


Gematria Table – The relations between Hebrew letters and and ...

Shalom Everybody, Lately, we were asked by one of our friends on the facebook page, about Gematria which in general... Read More

October 21, 2018


What Is The Hebrew Word For Sparrow?

The Hebrew word for a sparrow is דרור Dror which also means freedom. In Leviticus 25:10 the word Dror דרור is... Read More

October 11, 2018


What is the Hebrew word for Autumn?

The Hebrew word for Autumn is Stav סתיו. The Letters סתיו Stav remind us the letters שתו Shin-Tav-Vav... Read More

October 10, 2018


Bible Stories As Blueprints Of The Soul: The Secret Of Cain & Abel – ...

Shalom, and Boker Tov :) We are happy to share with you a recording of the introduction and the first chapter of the... Read More

October 5, 2018